Shivom Announces Rebrand to to Build Global Tokenized Healthcare Ecosystem

Shivom Announces Rebrand to to Build Global Tokenized Healthcare Ecosystem

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2021 / Shivom rebrands as the to become the base layer protocol for global health data and expand its product line.

Founded by renowned scientists such as Harvard Professor George Church, Shivom, a project that developed the world’s first blockchain-powered genomics marketplace, announced today that it would rebrand as the (pronounced the “Health” Network). This rebranding move is just the start of a new era in the global precision medicine industry, as the is set to release an all-new and inclusive ecosystem around their existing solutions to create the world’s first base layer protocol for global healthcare data.

While successfully building the technological framework to make a fairer, more efficient, and tokenized healthcare a reality, the Shivom team recognized that traditionally not only sharing genetic data is inadequate, but the whole digital health industry had inefficiencies. These problems ranged from siloed data, data vulnerabilities, and missing interoperability, to excluding the patients from most processes.

The global healthcare industry is worth over $10T and the data industry is estimated to be over $4T. However, there are many problems in the healthcare data industry. Data is often misused or sold without consent. Because of the individualistic nature of countries and corporations, it is difficult to transfer and share information between different entities. Data is stored and utilized in many ways, making interoperability impossible. Information becomes fragmented and stuck. If the data does manage to cross the border, it can be hard to verify its authenticity.

“Our healthcare systems are broken. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a global system that is structurally incapable of dealing with complex problems, leaving many patients behind,” said Dr. Axel Schumacher, co-founder, and CEO of the “Adding the ‘Network’ in our name reflects our goals and values. Although we built the technological ‘nucleus’ of a larger health infrastructure that supports data sharing and medical services in all their forms, fixing our healthcare systems is a combined effort that needs the participation of innovators, patients, and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The name HLTH Network more clearly reflects this.” is expanding. After three years of research, building, and innovating genetic data sharing and consent management methods, the organization is now offering numerous innovative genomic and healthcare-oriented marketplaces. These range from data analytics, e-commerce, AI methods, and precision medicine, to genome non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The new solutions will integrate into the current genomic analysis pipeline that Shivom (now currently offers.

The rebrand also comes with the announcement of ‘Phase II’ of building a global tokenized healthcare ecosystem, where the is broadening its scope beyond genomic data. New additions to the ecosystem are specifically designed not just to optimize and backward integrate the current solutions, but also to tackle the entire $10 trillion healthcare vertical.

Ultimately, the’s objective is to empower the individual. By establishing a global health database to protect patients and their information, the network facilitates open and fast data transfer across borders and jurisdictions. The blockchain is an integral part of this endeavor, and the HLTH.networks aims at bringing all blockchain efforts and healthcare tokens under one umbrella. Doing so avoids redundancies and fragmentation of the digital healthcare field, enables people and organizations to tokenize healthcare, and makes it cheaper, faster, fairer, and more efficient.

The Shivom team has learned, reflected, and redefined how a blockchain solution to global healthcare should be designed. It’s called the, and it is here to stay, redefining the health data economy and precision medicine.

About The will be the world’s first base layer protocol alongside aggregating all health data into one world repository to increase accessibility, usability, interoperability, and clinical research on a global scale. Integrating this repository with the blockchain gives users sovereign ownership over their data and increases transaction efficiency. The blockchain is transparent, secure, and functions across jurisdictions, creating a more fair data-sharing environment. The HLTH ecosystem includes data analytics and AI as well as e-commerce and genome NFTs.

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