BENQI integrates dappOS V2 to offer intent-centric UX

October 23, 2023 / Singapore / Press Release: The popular Avalanche-based liquidity market as well as a liquid staking protocol BENQI has integrated dappOS V2 to offer intent-centric UX.

Users from any chain can supply and earn yields on BENQI or seamlessly borrow assets and then use them on dApps deployed on other chains. All these workflows are simplified to one-click UX.For example, users from BNB Chain can supply 10 ETH to BENQI without manually bridging to Avalanche. Users can also borrow 1000 $USDC into dappOS unified account and then seamlessly use them on  Perpetual protocol powered by dappOS V2

dappOS V2 is providing CeFi-like user experience and a complete decentralization at the same time with new features of unified account, support for task dependency and a new bidding system. dappOS reward system also provides long-term incentives for users.

As an intent-centric Web3 operating protocol, dappOS received a pre-seed investment from Binance Labs in June and completed a seed investment round led by IDG Capital and Sequoia China in July. 

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Company name: dappOS

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